Apoptosis Neha Vashist


by Neha Vashist

when you’re searching for miracles
please don’t forget to look inside.

every day, billions of cells inside of you

but don’t you see?
there is rebirth amongst the chaos
regrowth outpaces destruction

it’s nothing short of magic that
your body thrives

Apoptosis was written as a way to thank every single cell and neuron inside my body during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic impacted my mental health and writing became my outlet to cope and process the events. This poem is a reminder that even in our loneliest hour we are not alone. We are surrounded by death and grief in the world, but we also face death at every single second inside us and we emerge victorious. There is no life without death and no death without life. In our darkest times, we must remember that we are living miracles. We are bold, breathing juxtapositions of life and death.