Home is Where the Neurons Connect

Home is where the neurons connect

Here is where you imagine yourself being a little less or a little more of the person you think you are when you use the word ‘normal’. The number of connections and reconnections your brain will perform over your lifetime is unclassifiable and unbelievable. Yet those connections all belong to you. Thus, what exactly is ‘you’? The contributors to this section have seen and experienced the breakdown of the body, or of the mind. They know a tragic secret, which is that the beauty of the brain and the nervous system is truly revealed to us when they falter or when they become ill. That’s when we lose sight of home, and when we begin longing for it. But the world we share is not properly designed for people to find their way back home; not that kind of home, at least. Here the artworks all point in one way or another to the frequent invisibility of mental afflictions in society. They also tell of our common and profound need for meaning to subsist over time, whether it be through the consideration we have for the lives of others, or through our efforts at constantly fixing and rerouting and attempting to heal the impossible story of our own life.

No Reparation

Father Douglas

The Thing with Petals

Melanie Gregg

Balancing the Senses

Denielle Elliott, Helene Charette, Michelle Charette

Space-Time Coordination

Denielle Elliott, Helene Charette, Michelle Charette


Denielle Elliott, Helene Charette, Michelle Charette

Just Benign

Virginia Lori

My Head

Meghan Dougherty

Of Sex and Inflammation in Multiple Scleosis

Minh Dang Nguyen and Shalina Ousman


aAron Munson

How They Peck at You

Fateema Muzaffar


Fateema Muzaffar


Xiaqiu Yang


Lisa Schwartz

Let Go, All is Coming

Cheyenne Kean-Lemery


Hanna Dotzenroth


James Myers

Fugue I

Eden Redman


Paula Kirman