We are Eternally Accidental

We are eternally accidental

Here is where you look around and realize that a counterpart to the brain’s inner galaxies of interconnections has always been there. It is the life you live and the people you come into contact with: all of it, and every single one of them. The artworks in this section speak of coincidences and juxtapositions, of accidents and recovery. In doing so each of them speaks of unique unpredictable little worlds that deploy according to their own logic, and where no one lives entirely alone. Accidents affect more than the ones who experience them. Injuries force disconnections with the practical world while revealing a constellation of further human connections. In this section we learn there is no set timeframe for healing, just as much as there is no known limit to the impact we can have on each other through our connections, from the most meaningful to the most innocuous of them. Each healing experience is its own encapsulated network of connections, like a drop of rainwater teeming with life under a microscope.


Gloria Mok    

Just Give it Time

Grace McLean


Kate Bang


Emily Thorne

The Art of Dyslexia

Zoe Armstrong

Scrap Notes

Maren Kathleen Elliott

Through it all

David Youn


Anne Cavanagh

League of Grandmothers

Cheyenne Kean-Lemery

It’s Ok If…

Cheyenne Kean-Lemery

Insignificant Embrace

Leenah Qureshi

We Heal

Nina Ballanyi


Addison Primeau