Is the brain beautiful?

Is the brain beautiful?

Here is where you look inside the body and realize it’s bigger than out there in the world. Medical imagery has allowed for tremendous progress in healthcare. Yet it was never just a mean to an end. The desire to cast a light into the darkness of our brain possesses noble philosophical ancestry. Its consequences are that we’ve developed powerful cultural and aesthetic responses to the images produced by each successive medical imaging and research technology since the x-ray and the first rudimental microscope. The discrete bewilderment expressed by both scientists and artists who contributed the pieces in this section suggests the progress of our means of visualizing the body has now reached a point where scientific and aesthetic responses can become so interconnected as to appear almost identical. The images in this section all show the beauty of neuronal connections. But we must remember they are images outside of time. They are taken from the dense continuum which is the biological existence of a living and thinking body. We can marvel at their harmony while keeping in mind that this harmony is like the crest of a wave, or the snapshot of a flame flickering atop a candle.

Ex Tenebris Lux

Sharon Parappally-Joseph

Left Brain-Right Brain

Christina Vogiatzis

Building Bridges

Sarah Treit

An Angle of Observation

Chinmayee Das

Eustress or Distress?

Chinmayee Das

The Tree of Life (Arbor Vitae)

 Monique Marylin Alves de Almeida

Cause to Dance

Sana Bibi


Ana Lucas Osma and David Bennett


Brian Marriott


Brian Marriott

Pollock in a Petri dish

Diego Ordonez

Elements of Sensation

Shane Eaton

Plastic Brains

Brian Marriott


Madeliene Sieffert

Knitted Memories

Paige Faulkner


Neha Vashist